We love hearing your comments about CIRCUITS!

Some comments from instructors who have used Circuits by Ulaby and Maharbiz:

“We are just finishing up our first semester with the Ulaby book.  The semester went fairly smoothly and the students liked the book.  Overall, I liked the pace of the topics and I liked the inclusion of topics such as transistors, transmission lines, power supplies, and the like, which were not covered in most of our previous textbooks.  And we made fairly reasonable use of Multisim, especially for the first time use of the textbook.” 
Frank Merat, Case Western Reserve

“Our students are liking the book; the improvement in their learning process is very noticeable.  I certainly plan to use this book during the next semester too.”
Philip Serafim, Northeastern

“I really enjoyed using this book.  In the course evaluations, a number of students actually mentioned that they liked the book (which NEVER happened with our old book).”
David Salvia, Penn State

“Of all the circuits books available on the market, this is by far my favorite.  Aside from the obvious benefits of this book, such as the low cost and the copy of Multisim, what I like most about the book is that it seems to be written with a great concern for student learning.  Every example is thoroughly presented and explained in the text.  In addition, not only are there practice exercises at the end of each section, but the student has full access to the complete solutions on the accompanying CD.  As a professor who teaches lots of students, this makes my job a lot easier, because the students are able to learn more of the material on their own.  And, having their own copy of Multisim is like having a built-in lab on their computer. The only thing that could make this book better is for the authors to come and teach my class!”
Todd DeLong, Virginia Commonwealth University

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