About Us

“The ultimate goal of the education system is to shift to the individual the burden of pursuing his own education” – John Gardner

NTS Press

National Technology & Science Press or NTS Press is sponsored by engineers for engineering, science and mathematics students dedicated to the publication of scholarly material of lasting value. Our products are for educators who desire a high degree of integration among classroom text, hardware, and software to permit hands-on, visual learning. Our success will be judged by the influence our publications have in inspiring students to pursue careers in engineering, science, and mathematics.  NTS Press is a division of National Instruments.

Active Learning

We believe the learning process is most rewarding if you build up an intuitive understanding of concepts by pausing to tinker, explore and reflect. Thus, our publishing philosophy follows the belief that learning takes place when you are actively involved and we attempt to encourage this process in several ways. We build our textbooks with a plethora of worked-out examples, with reinforcing and advanced problems, and with interactive computer visuals. We address the computational aspects of problem solving by integrating computer-based learning tools into these presentations to enhance the discussion and analysis of engineering and science applications. In several cases our educational materials are developed with hardware experimentation platforms in mind, such as Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices for acquiring, generating and analyzing information. Owning your own portable laboratory equipment permits you to perform experimentation and take measurements anywhere and at anytime, thereby reinforcing your understanding of theoretical concepts. Having a little fun is okay too.

Textbooks in the Internet Age

Clearly, rising textbook costs have an enormous effect on the way you view educational material. And there is little doubt that the Internet has been the most influential agent of change in education in recent time. The prevalence of search engine technology combined with a variety of open-source, open-content, and Wiki sites designed to deliver content has created a proliferation of freely available information and has circulated it more widely. Authored, edited, printed material is being overtaken by community libraries of digitized content from which new content is constructed, remixed, reordered and reassembled, often absent of continuity, flow, and accountability. This free content seems to address concerns about rising textbook prices, but it still has a cost. By contrast we try carefully to design products that come together in one piece with the author’s judgment, passion, and imagination intact. These books are available with a reasonable price, and may be counted on as “reputable islands of knowledge in the vast ocean of unscrutinized information.”