Frequently Asked Questions


How is NTS Press related to National Instruments?

NTS Press is a division of National Instruments.

I am a professor interested in evaluating one of your books for my class.  How can I request a copy?

On each book’s page, look for a link to “Request Instructor Copy.”  Then fill out the form as completely as possible and click submit.

We will only process those requests that contain a complete school address and course information.

Exam copies are sent at the discretion of NTS Press and we reserve the right to decline requests without explanation.

For Exam Copies (texts under consideration for adoption): Qualified college faculty may request an exam copy through this website for their course where a textbook change is being considered.

For Desk Copies (texts which have been adopted): One desk copy per adoption will be provided to instructors who have submitted a bookstore order for a NTS Press title as a required text for their course. An additional desk copy may be provided for a second instructor or TA for multiple sections of over 25 students.

I bought a used copy of one of your books, but the software it came with is out of date–can I get a free upgrade?

Sorry, free upgrades are not available.  You can visit this page to purchase updated software:  Student Edition Software

I want to download a file, but I am having trouble registering on your website.  Who can help me?

After completing and submitting the registration form, be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder for the automated verification email from National Technology & Science Press. You must follow the link in that email to verify your registration.  If you continue to encounter difficulty registering on the website, send an email to orders@ntspress.com.

I tried to place an order online with my credit card, but something went wrong. Who can help me?

To cancel your order, change your shipping/billing address, or if you’ve encountered other technical problems with online ordering, please call (800) 531-5066.

What is your Returns Policy?

National Technology and Science Press has a no returns policy. We have installed this measure as one means of offering prices dramatically lower than is customary for students.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Purchase orders are accepted only for orders of 10 or more books, and only from academic educational institutions and businesses. Smaller orders must be placed online using a credit card (use the “Order Now” button under the appropriate book on the “Publications” tab). Purchase orders must be made out to “National Instruments dba NTS Press,” and must include all shipping, billing, and contact information, including e-mail address and phone number. Corrections written in by hand will not be accepted.

Please e-mail purchase orders to orders@ntspress.com.

Do you offer bookseller discounts?

No, we do not offer discounts.  This policy helps us keep our prices significantly lower for students than our competitors.

Do you ship outside of North America?

Yes, we can ship individual copies internationally.  Simply order online using a credit card via the “Order Now” link on the book’s page.

How do I get a copy of my invoice and/or check on the status of my order?

For inquiries related to order status and/or invoice requests, please call (800) 531-5066, or look up your order and print your invoice online here: Order Status.

My book arrived damaged.  What should I do?

If any materials received are damaged, please take a photo image of the damaged goods and e-mail it to us at orders@ntspress.com , along with a copy of your receipt within 30 days of purchase, so that we can provide a replacement copy.

How can I find the “Printing number” of my book?

At the top of the copyright page, underneath the ISBN, you will see a string of numbers that looks like this:  10  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2.  The last digit is the printing number.