For Authors

For Authors

We believe the mission to energize and excite the next generation of students about the possibilities of a technical career is an important objective. Our goal is to develop pertinent learning resources for higher education and for life-long learning through the innovative use of industry standard software and hardware. Our press is sponsored by engineers for engineering, science and math students and dedicated to the publication of material of intrinsic value and innovation. We have a degree of familiarity and literacy in engineering, and our collective experience in engineering, publishing and textbook production is unrivaled by traditional publishers.

We seek authors who are committed to working closely with us in the entire process of producing exceptional works. Unlike most general publishers our efforts are devoted to engineering education. We are attracted to works that permit hands-on, interactive and visual learning. Our broad areas of interest are currently in electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, bioengineering, and emerging technologies.

A Few Words about Production

We have infinite capacity for picking brains and working creatively to produce and effectively disseminate technical information. We take your work and our mission seriously. We have the determination and resources to make it possible.

We offer a support staff that is familiar with technology and has the ability to communicate the technical merits of your work convincingly. With over 30 years of experience in engineering manuscript development, design, and book production, our staff can assist you with every aspect of production from writing the first word to the final task of printing and distributing the final product. We are familiar with all of the latest document handling applications (i.e., pdf file creation/annotation and the use of ftp sites for low-cost and efficient file sharing). We are dedicated to producing high-quality products, but do so with a personal touch. Our staff is U.S. based, so we are easily accessible via phone or e-mail at all times.

You will be treated as an active partner in the entire process of producing and promoting your work. We insist that you be consulted about the entire process. Our staff is committed to working closely with you and listening seriously to your suggestions and concerns.

Making Your Work a Success

Changing market values, customer behavior, and shorter windows of opportunity demand different marketing solutions by publishers today. Today’s customers are much better informed and have much higher expectations. At NTS marketing is a practiced art often more opportune than mechanical. However, we follow a few simple rules: share everything; be committed team players who truly listen; swipe ideas from the best, especially from businesses outside our own industry; check small things; be demanding of ourselves; and do what is right for the customer.

Note: Due to increased security our mailroom is unable to accept or return unsolicited packages. Please don’t send complete manuscripts until first asked to do so by our staff.