NI myDAQ: A Real-World Learning Connection

NI myDAQ provides an exciting, expandable computer-based platform for measuring and interacting with the real world, giving students the ability to Explore – Tinker – Reflect. NI myDAQ is the perfect tool for authenticating theory, promoting deeper learning, and transforming outcomes throughout the curriculum. Students now can analyze, compare, and process acquired signals any time, anywhere.

Affordable, rugged, and small enough to fit in your pocket, it’s completely USB-powered, so you can take it anywhere your laptop can go. The device includes eight popular software-based instruments, including a digital multimeter, oscilloscope, and function generator, and comes with DMM probes and an audio cable for iPod connectivity. When used with LabVIEW, myDAQ turns a computer into a suite of scientific measurement instruments capable of analyzing signal data and controlling simple processes.

Now with NI myDAQ you can assign hardware homework consisting of specific circuits, as well as encourage students to independently explore circuits on their own time. Our vision at NTS Press encompasses a full set of curriculum materials making hands-on project-based learning both practicable and affordable.  Our long term goal is integrating hardware devices, such as NI myDAQ, with learning materials throughout the curriculum, beginning with introductory courses in the freshman and sophomore years.

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The following is a collection of labs, problems, and exercises created by myDAQ users.  While all are available for free viewing and download, be aware that many of these are unedited, rough cuts: use at your own risk.

Drop us a line–we welcome your ideas and your feedback.  Send us your good thoughts, corrections, or suggestions for new material.  We’ll share your comments with our community of users.  To add your comments, complete our Ideas and Feedback form.

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Ed Doering talks about his NI myDAQ and Multisim Problems for Circuits (video)

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Barry Paton: Tinker, Learn Labs

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Tough Concept Tutorials:  Superposition with NI Multisim and LabVIEW,  Frequency Domain in Measurements, and Closed-Loop Control with LabVIEW and a DC Motor