Ed Doering: NI myDAQ and Multisim Problems for Circuits

Ed Doering
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

for Circuits by Fawwaz T. Ulaby & Michel M. Maharbiz created by Ed Doering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology This supplement to Circuits by Ulaby and Maharbiz contains 40 additional homework problems designed for three-way solution: analytical, simulation, and measurement. After solving the problem analytically the student continues by solving the same problem with NI Multisim (included with the textbook) and then once again with NI myDAQ, computer-based instrumentation and circuit components. By iterating on each dimension of the problem until all three agree students “triangulate on the truth” and develop confidence in their analytical and laboratory skills. Each problem requests at least one common numerical value  for comparison among the three methods.  The percent difference between simulated and analytical results as well as measured-to-analytical results indicates the degree to which the student has achieved a correct solution. Normally simulation and analytical results agree to within a percentage point, and measurements often agree with analytical results to within five percent. The problems are organized four per chapter for Chapters 2 through 11 from Circuits. The table of contents indicates the associated section number from the textbook in parentheses. Each problem contains the problem statement and sufficient  detail to guide the reader through the simulation and physical measurement steps.  Short video tutorials are linked to each problem to provide detailed guidance on Multisim techniques and  ELVISmx computer-based instruments for the myDAQ. This document is fully hyperlinked for section and figure references,  and all video  links are live hyperlinks.  Opening the PDF version  of this document is the most efficient way to access all links, and clicking a video hyperlink automatically launches the video in a browser.  Within the PDF, use ALT+leftarrow to navigate back to a starting point. A summary table comparing the three methods, as well as the analytical solution, the Multisim results,and myDAQ results are available to registered adopters of the Ulaby and Maharbiz textbook.

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Instructor access to the solutions to these problems may be requested from the publisher here