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Murmann’s text is simply the best introductory book on the subject I have ever seen. The progression in which he explains topics and carefully selects the level of detail used allows the reader to quickly build insight and intuition of how and when to use the various analog building blocks he describes.  Other very unique features of the book are the relevance of all the examples presented, and the design-oriented attention put into analyzing the various circuits.  This last feature illustrates how the use of meaningful approximations is the only option available to build complex systems composed of several elementary building blocks.”

Claudio Talarico, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington


I find the book really outstanding in its approach to explain analog circuit design in a way which I find extremely well organized, logical, brief but clear, practical and intuitive.

I think this book really differentiates itself among others that I have seen. If I had to teach an introductory course in analog microelectronics, I would certainly base it on this text.”

Alessandro Marchioro , Manager of the Microelectronics Group at CERN, Switzerland


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