CIRCUITS, Third Edition

Fawwaz Ulaby
University of Michigan
Michel Maharbiz
University of California, Berkeley
Cynthia Furse
University of Utah

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This widely adopted work conveys a set of timeless principles and problem solving techniques in a modern context, but also provides a valuable framework for subsequent studies.  As circuits theory is traditionally the entry course into electrical and computer engineering, the book offers a wide-ranging and inspiring vision of the profession. A background in physics and elementary differential and integral calculus is assumed.

Third Edition Highlights:

  • —Ten new Technology Briefs (for a total of 32) present how concepts in each chapter are applied in real-world applications and expose students to the far-reaching nature of the electrical engineering discipline. Technology Briefs cover applications in circuits, medicine, the physical world, optics, signals and systems, and more.   Read More
  • —RLC circuits (Previous Chapter 6) is now split into two separate chapters; one using time domain (Chapter 6) and the other using the Laplace Transform (Chapter 12).
  • — NI myDAQ integration:

NI myDAQ is a convenient, portable measurement tool that turns a PC into a basic electrical engineering lab with a DVM, analog and digital power supplies, function generator, oscilloscope, Bode plot analyzer, and diode analyzer.

53 integrative end-of-chapter problems. In addition to solving a circuit problem analytically and simulating its behavior with Multisim, a complementary third approach is to physically build the circuit on a circuit board and use the NI myDAQ to interface the circuit to a computer.

—Student tutorial (Appendix F) for getting started with NI myDAQ . Read More

—An NI myDAQ & NTS Press textbook bundle will be available for students in the U.S. and Canada only. It includes the NI myDAQ hardware and Circuits (Third Edition) by Fawwaz Ulaby, Michel Maharbiz and Cynthia Furse.

Evaluation of myDAQ for Instructors:  NI myDAQ Educator Evaluation Unit

  • New problems, examples and enhancements throughout the presentation.
  • —The following resources are found on a link provided inside the back cover of the book:

    (1) All Figures and Tables, and many of the major equations.

    (2) Solutions to all of the Exercises contained in the book.

    (3) 43 Multisim Modules (see Appendix C for details).

    (4) Latest NI Multisim and LabVIEW Student Edition software via access code download.

    (5) MathScriptRT software, which can perform matrix inversion and many other calculations, much like The MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB ® software. The basic commands used by MATLAB® also work in MathScript RT Module

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Other Resources:

For academic instructors who adopt the book as their required classroom textbook, a complete set of solutions to all the end-of-chapter problems are available under Faculty Resources.

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