Design Principles for Digital CMOS Integrated Circuits

Benton H. Calhoun
University of Virginia


ISBN 978-1-934891-14-8

This book is meant to apply most directly to introductory courses in circuit design, which appear during the second or third year in many engineering curricula, but it can also provide a supplement to other courses for which some knowledge of circuits is useful. The book belongs to the Modular Series of Microelectronic Device and Circuit Design. Each module in the series, like this book, provides a brief fundamental look at a specific topic.

One of the challenges of writing an introductory text like this is to forget what you know about the subject in order to imagine encountering it for the very first time. We have tried to do so for this text, so we hope that the result is a book that anticipates and answers questions that arise for students new to circuit design. After thinking about how we learn best, we included detailed examples that walk through application of the new concepts to concrete problems. We also tried to resist the powerful temptation to include too much information and too many digressions into the intricacies of every topic. Since this book is for new circuit designers and not for our colleagues, we leave those more detailed issues to further study using other texts. After mastering the fundamental concepts from this book, students should be ready to undertake such a study.

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This book is part of The Modular Series of Microelectronic Device & Circuit Design, edited by Roger T. Howe and Charles G. Sodini

The Modular Series of Microelectronic Device & Circuit Design offers a fresh approach for the changing demands of undergraduate electronics education today and tomorrow. The series co-originators, Roger T. Howe and Charles G. Sodini provide a solution to the different interests and needs of colleges and universities, and a clear alternative to existing textbooks written like encyclopedias, packed with information frequently difficult to read and absorb. The series goes beyond the typical textbook environment by including an integrated software platform connecting theory, simulation, and real-world measurements.

The first six volumes in the series provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of electronics presented in the context of modern silicon integrated circuit technology. The volumes in the series are relatively independent of each other, with certain necessary formulas repeated and referenced between volumes. Future volumes in the series address advanced topics typically taught in the senior and graduate-level.

Publication Date: March 7, 2012
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-934891-14-8
Page Count: 128

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