Eureka! Problem Solving with LEGO Robotics

Claude Baumann
Convict Episcopal de Luxembourg

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ISBN-13:  978-1-934891-13-1

Many experts have shared their knowledge about LEGO robotics through books and articles.  So, why another book about LEGO robotics? This one differs from its predecessors because it doesn’t foster the LEGO Mindstorms package as an end in itself, but rather as a versatile educational tool that can help readers develop their problem-solving capabilities.

The book is intended for interested readers who wish to tackle demanding challenges from science and technology, and who want to be challenged by LEGO robotics because of personal interest, or because they wish to encourage their children in STEM activities. It provides a bonanza of robot ideas about the inter-disciplinary nature of robotics, demonstrating the possibilities that LEGO offers and exploiting LabVIEW™ for these activities.  The book also presents robotics projects that have been realized in the B.I.T. (Boulette’s Institute of Technology), baptized as such by the participants of the local youth robotic club of the author’s boarding institution. Readers will meet inspiring historical personages, along with B.I.T. students who have solved spectacular problems, and they will be invited to join this community in solving exciting problems of their own. They will also learn about problem-solving robots, intelligently acting and reacting within their environments. Finally, they will be guided through a few amazing open-ended projects that will inspire them to become enthusiastic problem-solvers. The LEGO robots presented in the book are exclusively programmed with the LabVIEW software.

Sample Chapter 9 (pdf)

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