Eureka! Reader Comments

Bill Church, Physics Teacher, Student, Author, and LEGO Education Advisory Panel Member:

Eureka! pushes the reader to pursue problem solving tasks in diverse fields no matter what the hardware/software tools one has at their disposal.  Claude presents a vast array of wonderful science, technology, engineering, and math problems to solve and then outlines a tool kit of LEGO and LabVIEW resources for exploring these problems.  I think the most important aspect of this book is that it does not require a certain version of this hardware or that software.  There are ideas in this book that will push the capabilities of the new LEGO EV3 system yet Claude and his students solved the problems with RCX and NXT systems.  What he is telling us to do is dream big with the problems we want to solve no matter what our resources.  The only limits are our imagination.”

Andy Marshall, FTC Mentor:

“I was so taken with how well written the book was, that I purchased several copies and donated them to FTC teams.  It took less than 5 minutes scanning the contents to realize the book’s tremendous value.  It is not easy to teach “problem solving,”  yet combining this book with the experience of the FIRST Tech Challenge and I believe you have a recipe for success on a grand scale!”