Inside the Book

The following resources are available to aid you in evaluating the textbook.

Online Circuits Evaluation Resources:

CD Media Shipping in the Circuits Textbook, Second Printing, Contains:

  • Full student versions of Multsim 11 & LabVIEW 2010 software

Student Resources

  • Exercise Solutions for in-chapter exercises
  • Technology Briefs
  • 43 tutorial Multisim demonstrations which provide a mixture of problems, solutions, investigations
  • and experiments with Multisim organized by chapter
  • In addition, five Multisim “Emphasis Demos” are provided which focus less on working
  • with Multisim and more about a specific circuit theory concept through the use of simulation.

Instructor Resources

  • Book Figures from Text
  • Book Tables from Text
  • Equations from the Text
  • Solutions for all End of Chapter Problems, available for adopting instructors only
  • PowerPoint slide presentations of all chapters available for adopting instructors only