The Modular Series of Microelectronic Device & Circuit Design

Roger T. Howe and Charles G. Sodini, editors


The Modular Series of Microelectronic Device & Circuit Design offers a fresh approach for the changing demands of undergraduate electronics education today and tomorrow. The series co-originators, Roger T. Howe and Charles G. Sodini provide a solution to the different interests and needs of colleges and universities, and a clear alternative to existing textbooks written like encyclopedias, packed with information frequently difficult to read and absorb. The series goes beyond the typical textbook environment by including an integrated software platform connecting theory, simulation, and real-world measurements.

The first six volumes in the series provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of electronics presented in the context of modern silicon integrated circuit technology. The volumes in the series are relatively independent of each other, with certain necessary formulas repeated and referenced between volumes. Future volumes in the series address advanced topics typically taught in the senior and graduate-level.

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Benton H. Calhoun, University of Virginia,  Design Principles for Digital CMOS Integrated Circuits

Boris Murmann, Stanford University, Analysis and Design of Elementary MOS Amplifier Stages

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